Babes in Arms

My babies are not babies anymore. This past weekend my twins celebrated their 8th birthday. Where have the last eight years gone? Every parent asks this question, “Where has the time gone?”

All three of our girls do things that take us right back to their “baby days” – an expression or a little twinkle in their eye. They are more faceted and complex now yet some little part of each of them is the same as when they first arrived.

Look deeply at your babies and you’ll see them at 5, 10, 20 years old and beyond. Each year they grow more independent and need us less and letting them go is hard but beautiful. I believe if we get it right they’ll always return for a hug or reassurance. It’s important to keep listening, watching and witnessing as all those baby steps turn into reading a birthday card without our help, thanking a friend for a perfect gift, talking on the phone with a grandparent and running wildly and not falling down.

2nd Birthday (2007)
2nd Birthday
8th Birthday (2014)
8th Birthday