Cathy Louise Broda

For over two decades, an integral part of teaching yoga has been sharing my own journey as a woman. I still practice and teach Ashtanga Yoga, which I began in New York in the late 1980s. Most of my students are women and I relate strongly to their changes month to month, and year to year. I started Pregnancy Yoga classes in 2003 while pregnant with our first baby. Two years later I was pregnant with twins and filmed my DVD Pregnancy Yoga: A Practice for Each Trimester. Having children also led to a Mom & Baby Yoga class. It’s a pleasure to teach classes that support and celebrate women in all stages of life.

When we moved to Honolulu in 2001 to set up a yoga studio and start a family, I returned “home.” Although born in Honolulu, I really grew up in Singapore and Jakarta. I moved back to the US to attend university, tried my hand at acting in New York City and ended up in London for eight years where I met my Kiwi husband, Glen. Here I also met my Ashtanga teachers Nancy Gilgoff and John Scott.

While in London, I did a year-long apprenticeship in Pregnancy Yoga with Lynne Pinette. It wasn’t until I became pregnant myself that I really appreciated her gift. Since developing my own Pregnancy and Mom & Baby yoga program, I have apprenticed Mara Pike, Brynne Caleda, Yoko Fujiwara and Kelly Kennedy.

Summer 2012 - Cathy Louise & Girls.

Summer 2012 – Cathy Louise & Girls.

Photograph by ©2012 Tracy Wright Corvo